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Startup Fashion Week 2016

#startupFW2016 Official Opening Party If you’ve ever had your heart set on showcasing your pieces to the world of Fashion, it is no surprise that many young entrepreneurs get their start at Startup Fashion Week! Designed to bring creators, bloggers, photographers and the style conscious together to celebrate¬†the latest innovations in Design, Beauty and Technology. When given the chance to photograph the event, the Street Style team went out in full force and the results were frame-worthy. Tons of layering and accessories make these stylish folk stand out from the crowd. We thank everyone at Startup Fashion Week for...

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No.278 Street Style Toronto – Fujifilm X-T2 1st Impressions

Samantha and I head to Streetsville to continue our evaluation of the new Fujifilm X-T2. A few 1st impressions: Outdoor auto white balance leans towards to the cool side. I shot RAW and warmed up the images to taste. Auto focus is VERY fast and VERY acurate. A huge leap in continous focus from the X-T1, EX cameras or X100T bodies.  Everything is responsive. No waiting. Just shoot. The joystick (or as my British friends call the lever) is my favorite new feature. I do not center focus and recompose so the ability to move the focus point quickly...

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