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No.288 Street Style Toronto – The Artist

Seize the day and make a new vlog. That’s what you do when it’s +12c in the middle of February in Toronto. When we saw the weather forecast, we couldn’t wait to grab the cameras and hit the streets. We were not disappointed. So many people took off their parkas, enjoyed the blue skies and spring-like temperatures. Meet Andrew, an artist and style enthusiast who agreed to step in front of our lens. Here’s what we got in about 5 minutes. He’s a natural for the blog don’t you think? Gear notes: Fuji X-T2 body, Fuji 56/1.2 lens, shot...

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No.287 Street Style Toronto – The Well Dressed Man

I ducked into this building to warm up from the cold when I spotted this well dressed young man in the lobby. After a quick trip up to his office to grab his suit jacket, this is what we got in about 6-7 minutes.  Not exactly on the street but when it’s this cold out, we’ll take it. Sony A7RII, Sony Zeiss FE 35/1.4, FE 85/1.4 G...

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