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  • Dedicated to the style enthusiasts found on the streets of Toronto. It's not just about the clothes but how a look can be pulled together with bags, glasses, hats, ink, beards, shoes, accessories, hair (or no hair) and confidence. Everyone has a style going on and confidence is the greatest asset you can bring to yours. Thanks to all the stylish & beautiful people who allowed us to take their photograph. All images by Mistur Photography.

No.117 Street Style Toronto

When I asked if I could take his photo for the blog, he said I have until the light turns green.View full post »

No.103 Street Style Toronto

A natural in front of the camera. She just moved to Toronto a few months ago from B.C.  This red wall in the cafe madeView full post »

No.102 Street Style Toronto

Side Note: Our No.102 and No.100 are a married couple from Korea. Somehow we didn’t manage a shot of them togetherView full post »

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